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Are you ready to be done with diet restrictions and punishing exercise programs, accept your gorgeous body exactly as it is right now, and then watch it shape-shift into what it was always meant to be?  
Your search is over!  
You have reached the end of diets, calorie counting, and punishing exercise.  We will get to the bottom of your eating challenges and cultivate a new relationship with food and body that involves deep listening to the body’s wisdom and discovering intuitive eating.  This will be accomplished through an 8-step revolutionary proven process that identifies metabolic enhancers that don’t include restrictive dieting or hours at the gym.

A Retreat for Self Discovery in the Beautiful Waterfall Villas of Costa Rica

April 12th-18th, 2020  CANCELED


Yearning to know your true self and what you really want out of life?  


That will be the very heart of our time together!  Through powerful exercises in self-discovery, we’ll put you in touch with your innermost, radiant being.  And amidst our beautiful backdrop of beauty and freedom, as you learn to nurture yourself more deeply in every way, your spirit will naturally bloom into its most authentic expression, revealing your true passions in life.

Wish you could drop those negative thoughts about your body and replace the self-judgment with self-love?  


On this retreat, you’ll see yourself through new eyes!  Through a combination of artful lessons in self-appreciation combined with intimate, small-group activities, and exercises on your own, you will learn how special you really are.  Best of all, you’ll return home with a deeper love and appreciation for yourself and your body - and an array of simple tools to maintain that attitude for the rest of your life.

Struggling to get out of your head and spend more time living life to the fullest?  


All the answers are right here in the present moment! We’ll spend time every day on our retreat making sure everyone is with us in present time, using simple tools and locational exercises to get in touch with our physical form and the pleasure it is meant to receive.

Are you ready to let go of the sadness from your past and accept it all as part of your glorious journey?  


We will use guided journaling, meditation, and reflection to help you see your life’s path as a divine course that is supporting you in your greatest goal, and to discern which activities support and inspire you.

Are you ready to put yourself first?  


Stop the inflow of information and all the self-help tips and tricks, and start putting your life in action by using the tools and strategies that truly speak to you and learn how to put the rest aside so you can start living.  This is accomplished through group sharing and deep discussion to realize how our choices are affecting our life.


Waterfall Villas is a luxury, boutique wellness retreat and spa with private waterfalls in the Baru Rainforest of Cascadas Farallas, which is located in the stunning South Pacific region of Costa Rica. Three Balinese style villas adorn the secluded property, housing a total of six suites.

The lavish, Bali style villas provide a peaceful and private oasis contained within the exotic jungle of Costa Rica, with the pristine beach and town of Dominical located just 5 minutes away. These opulent villas were constructed using only the most sustainable methods and green materials, in a process that was environmentally responsible and resource efficient.

Waterfall Villas is committed to environmentally friendly operational practices, and sustainable tourism, and honors this commitment without sacrificing the comforts and lavish refinements that our guests desire. At Waterfall Villas, you can live respectfully and harmoniously with nature, without impeding it.

There will be a first come, first serve choice of rooms!


  • Wellness Spa – full massage treatments and facial menu

  • Yoga Shala with Bamboo canopy

  • Vegan , gluten-free, raw foods detox kitchen & meal service

  • Waterfall Dining area

  • Relaxation area in covered open air pavilion Balinese style

  • Waterfall Lounge areas for sunbathing and relaxation

  • Nature trails

  • Waterfall Decks

  • Hammocks over the waterfalls and in the rain forest


​You will enjoy the most fresh variety of organic foods that Costa Rica has to offer in a World Cuisine style.

Three deliciously prepared, all natural meals will be served every day. In the waterfall dining area you can nourish your body while appreciating the gorgeous scenery. 

What's Included

  • Airport transfers to/from San Jose Airport, which includes a short 12-person scenic flight to Quepos Airport near the resort

  • Full service accommodations in your choice of available suites at the beautiful Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica

  • Three delicious and body-nourishing gourmet meals daily that will be prepared fresh and served in the breathtaking Waterfall dining area

  • Daily group workshops that will nourish your body and spirit and give you a deep appreciation for yourself and your body, leaving you ready to fully experience life

  • Kundalini Yoga sessions to start each and every day

  • Group excursions that will take the lessons you’re learning and bring them to life, in the present moment

  • Plenty of time to find relaxation, whether at the local beach, the waterfall that’s at your fingertips, or exploring the nature trails that will surround you


All of the above is included for only $3,295.  Register early to have your choice of rooms.  You won’t want to miss out!

“The experience was entirely uplifting for me.  I realized some things about myself that I need to change, but it’s also given me the power and the tools to make those changes.  This experience has blown my mind.  I don’t know if I could’ve gotten through what I’m going through without her guidance.  Sherri, you are an inspiration to me and I am so looking forward to my life now because I know it’s possible now for me to have the life I want and the life I know I should have and deserve.”

~Rita Remple

“I decided to come here because I’ve been running my own business for eighteen years and I was really exhausted and run out of energy.  I wanted something more than a yoga retreat, something more uplifting, and that’s what I got.  It’s been a wonderful week, the women have been incredible, the leadership was great, I’ve had a lot of insights, but also a lot of relaxation and comfort and wonderful food and wonderful people.  I found more passion for living my life well.” 

~Kathy Swayze

“Before the retreat I felt stuck.  I needed a kick in the butt to get back my energy and enthusiasm.  This retreat was exactly what I was hoping for.  The meals were healthy and mostly green which has inspired me to stick with a better diet.  Starting each morning with yoga was great.  It was spiritual as well as physical.  I learned a lot through our group sessions.  I can see how much time I spend in my head, and how important it is to just be present and real.  It’s a process and a practice, but I’m excited to make it my intention going forward.  I’m grateful for all you offered us this week.  It was truly an amazing experience.  I appreciate how much you participated and shared with the group.  With love and gratitude…” 

~K.C. Whelen

About Sherri

Sherri Zak is a mom, a business-owner, an animal-lover and a money-managing ninja with 15 years experience in accounting and management, a CPA license, and an MBA.  

At one point several years ago, she was overwhelmed by family and business demands, and reached an all-time low and began taking medication for anxiety and depression.


Driven to find alternatives and get back on her feet, Sherri studied everything she could get her hands on about healthy living and plant-based nutrition.  She lost almost 30 pounds, got herself off of the toxic anxiety medication and is now living a life she loves and is inspired to help other women do the same.

With a strong background in business and a passion for nutrition and women's health, Sherri knows what it takes to get out of the clutches of overwhelm and reach the other side feeling more alive than ever.  


Through retreats, group coaching programs, and private coaching, Sherri is building a strong community of like-minded women who support one another in living lives they love.  Her unyielding commitment to stand by her clients and do what it takes to help them reach their goals is the secret to her success.

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